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Our Story

Shihan (master teacher) Eddie Jardine, head of the International Tai Chi Society and SA Yuishinkai Kobojutsu charged Sensai, Rabbi Gary Alon Rogoff to bring the ancient wisdom of the Chinese and Japanese martial art to Eretz Yisrael. 


Shinan Eddie trained and lived with world-famous masters in Japan and China. He has merged the two complementary arts of soft and hard. That teaches the students "rei" respect for self and others  "Kama" good physical and mental posture, control, "zanshin" awareness. To have a healthy and balanced outlook on life. All directed to acquire a healthy mind, body, and soul.


Yuishinkai Kobojutsu was founded in the 1940s by the late Japanese martial art grand master Inoue Gansho. The words mean the group that strives for "earnest and sincere training of the body and improve the mind though martial art training, including weapon training and karate."

Inoue had experienced the horrors of the war and wanted the younger generation to have more peaceful and healthful alternatives. He wanted

to guide the students back to the traditional path, away from"an

unhealthy emphasis on competition", and give a method to meet life

though their training.

He saw the need for a physical training regimen that would lessen

the risk of injury, but that would also allow students to train

throughout their lives, not only when they are young and strong.

Weapons training was seen to be as important as empty hand

techniques, to develop self-control and discipline - essential

aspects of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Inoue said "zanshin"

awareness was one of the strongest teachings for self-defense.



The ancient martial art of Tai Chi Chain is a soft internal art.

Its slow meditative practice makes it suitable for students of

all ages, in any physical condition.


Both styles teach you to compete against "the most

important opponent you'll ever have to face - yourself. 


"Who is. a warrior - he who conquers himself."

Prekai Avot


the ART of the WAY

Mind. Body. Soul



If not now, when?


 North Talpiot 



058- 693- 1844